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There will come a point in every child’s life where their parent or guardian will decide their child is safer with a cell phone, so they can message if plans change, let their family know when they will be home, and call 911 in case of an emergency.  This time will not be the same for every child.  Or, perhaps your children will save up their money and ask to buy their own phones with it.  As with other “screens,” like TV, computers and video games, excessive use of cell phones can discourage imaginative play, co-operative play, and physical activity.  Encourage your child to enjoy all three, and minimize their reliance on “screen time.”

Imaginative play

Imaginative play lets your children expand their thinking skills.  This is play where children themselves invent the game—role-playing, make-believe, using toys to act out adventures, creating their own superheroes, building their own haunted house.  Children’s imaginations will grow if they are not always held to following the rules of someone else’s game.  There is definitely a place for organized sports and board games,  but they should not be the only games that children play.

Co-operative play

Co-operative play teaches your children to get along with other people.  Children who only engage in solitary activities struggle to make connections with others.  It’s important for kids to spend time with other kids.

Physical activity

Physical activity is necessary for good health.  Some children will benefit from organized sports or classes in dance, gymnastics, or diving.  Others may prefer “free-form” activities where they can swim, skate, hike or bike where they want to, rather than competing against others.  The important part is that children learn that it is fun to move their bodies.

Set reasonable limits for “screen time”

Set reasonable limits for phone use, just as you would for TV watching and video game playing.   Limit the amount of time your child spends in front of screens.  Encourage them to make up their own games, play with other kids, and get active.

Next week we’ll be sharing some health and safety tips for kids with phones.

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