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There are many articles about rising rates of childhood obesity and associated health problems.  Modern technology means kids can play with their friends online without having to meet in person, or even get up off the couch.  But children’s need for physical activity has not changed.  Young bodies need exercise to strengthen bones and muscles.

You can send your kids outside to play – but if all they do is sit on the steps with a cell phone or tablet, they’re not being “active.”

How can you tell if your children are active enough?

Firstly, let’s explore some definitions.

Moderate exercise makes a person’s heart rate increase.  They will also breathe more quickly.  Though they will still be able to talk, they are not able to sing.

Vigorous exercise raises the heart rate even more, until speaking is difficult.

Good examples of moderate exercise include a brisk walk, riding a bike, rollerblading, skateboarding, regular ice skating, skipping rope, or climbing playground equipment.

Activities involving vigorous exercise include running, basketball, racing a bike, speed skating, or soccer.

Secondly, let’s discover how much exercise children and teens need.

Children should get at least one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day.  This exercise will help strengthen bones and build muscle.  It will also help children to concentrate in school.  They will sleep better at night if they have had enough exercise during the day.

Teenagers should also get at least an hour of moderate to vigorous activity each day.  Furthermore, they should engage in vigorous exercise at least three days a week.

Finally, compare these guidelines to your child’s current activity level to find out if your children are active enough.

What should you do if your children aren’t active enough?  Next week we’ll offer some suggestions.

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