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The average adult gets approximately two colds a year.  If you’re feeling sick more often than that, your immune system may not be working at its best, or you may work in an environment with an unusual number of viruses.

We have some more tips to help you to beat the bugs.

Wash your hands well and often!  Use soap and warm water.  Scrub for at least twenty seconds.  This is the number one way to avoid contracting and transmitting viruses.

Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer or packet of alcohol-based wipes in your pocket or bag for situations where you can’t wash your hands.  Wipes are also good for disinfecting doorknobs, handles, public keyboards, any surface that gets touched by numerous people.

Avoid touching your face when possible.  Many of us put our hands to our faces without even knowing we’re doing it.  With a little awareness you may be surprised how often you do it.  Each touch brings more germs in contact with vulnerable places like mouths and eyes.  When you raise your hands to your face intentionally—to cover a sneeze, blow your nose, rub your eyes or scratch an itch—wash or sanitize your hands first, if you can, and always do so afterwards.

We wish you the best of health during this cold and flu season. Sometimes getting a cold may be inevitable.  With a little care, though, you can reduce your risk of getting a cold, and the colds you do still pick up will be milder.

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