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Many people come to the chiropractor for the first time – or the first time in a long time – because they are in pain.  Patients often want to know how long it will take before they start feeling better.

The majority of our patients who first come to us with pain (rather than for preventative reasons) pass through three stages of care.

Our Wellness Programme arranges your chiropractic treatment into three simple stages:

  • Relief
  • Healing
  • Wellness

What happens in each of these stages?


When you’ve injured yourself, all you want is for the pain to go away.  Or if you come in because your range of motion is limited, then you want the problem fixed.  The first stage, relief, focuses on freeing you from pain, aches, and discomfort.  Some people may feel better after only one appointment, while others may need several appointments before they see results.  This will depend on the nature, location, and severity of your concern.  In most cases, this stage lasts for approximately ten visits.  Following the schedule of appointments recommended by your chiropractor is important.


At this stage, you’re feeling better and your body is starting to heal…but your healing isn’t complete yet.  This stage of treatment assists your body through the healing process.  Nobody wants to leave injuries only partially healed, or have the stiffness come back in a week or two.  Your chiropractor can ensure that your body heals properly, with your back in correct alignment, and everything as it should be.  Some people heal more quickly than others, and how long you remain in this stage will depend on your own unique needs.


Once your body is healed, it is our hope (and likely yours as well) that it stays that way—that you remain in the best possible health.  The wellness stage of care will support that health.  Preventative care can address any developing problems before they become painful aches or injuries.  It can make accidents less likely, and it can help keep your musculo-skeletal system operating at optimal levels.  Just as you visit your dentist periodically, and take your car for tune-ups, so too should visiting your chiropractor become a regular part of your health care routine.

If you come to us for preventative reasons, you may start out in stage 3.  Or, if you have minor concerns, you might begin in stage 2.

We look forward to seeing you soon!  To make your appointment, give Sheppard Chiropractic and Laser Healing a call at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.

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