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Are you an April Fool?  We’re taking a look at some common myths so they won’t fool you.


MYTH:  Cracking your joints can cause arthritis.

FACT:  A chiropractic adjustment can actually increase mobility and decrease pressure on the joints, muscles and nerves.


MYTH:  You have to “believe” in chiropractic care for it to work.

FACT:  Chiropractic care is based on adjustments to the musculo-skeletal system through the manipulation of bones and muscles.  We have all heard of “the power of positive thinking,” but “faith” is not a requirement.  You do not need to “believe” that your dentist will clean your teeth for it to happen!  A chiropractic adjustment is similar.

You may, however, need more than one chiropractic treatment before you feel the full benefits.  This myth might have been started by someone who had hoped they would recover instantly.  Realistically, recovery is a process that takes time.  Firstly, chiropractic care can greatly minimize that time.  It supports your body through the healing process.  It also ensures that your spine is properly aligned, as it should be.


MYTH:  If you see a chiropractor, you can’t see a family doctor.

FACT:  Your chiropractor is part of your health care team, just like your family doctor, your dentist, and your optometrist.  We are the part of the team that specializes in the musculo-skeletal system.  With your permission, your chiropractor will ask your family doctor for information, such as X-rays, that can help with your treatment.  In conclusion, a reputable chiropractor would not demand to be your only source of health care.


MYTH:  Chiropractors only treat back pain.

FACT:  Chiropractors are musculo-skeletal experts.  Therefore, they provide effective treatment for all types of soft tissue injuries, headaches, and conditions of the feet, knees, shoulders, etc.  There’s a lot more to your body than just your back–and we can help!


MYTH:  If you see a chiropractor, you have to quit your medication.

FACT:  Always discuss any changes to your medication with the doctor who prescribed it to you.  Where did this myth come from?  Chiropractors don’t prescribe medication.  Thus, people who want to treat their concerns using natural methods, without drugs, often favour chiropractic care.


MYTH:  Chiropractic care is only for adults.

FACT:  Children have spines too.  Firstly, don’t dismiss children’s injuries as “growing pains.”  Childhood injuries and repetitive strains can have life-long repercussions.  At Sheppard Chiropractic Centre, we treat people of all ages, from infants to the elderly.  In summary, everyone benefits from regular chiropractic maintenance care.


If you and your family haven’t been in for a while, we’d love to see you.  Give Sheppard Chiropractic Centre a call at 635-8182 or 847-7172 to schedule your appointment today.

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