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It’s cold and flu season again.  Have you noticed that you are more likely to get sick when you’re tired and stressed out?  That’s because when you’re run-down, it’s harder for your immune system to keep up with its job of fighting viruses.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true.  There are things you can do to boost your immune system and make your body a less appealing home for cold and flu bugs.

Life Hacks for Cold and Flu Season

Exercise / be active.  It relieves stress and releases endorphins.  Don’t plan to exercise only an hour or two before bedtime, though, because the “boost” may keep you awake.  However, if you exercise earlier in the day, that exercise can help you to sleep better at night.  This will assist you with item number two…

Get enough sleep.  Your body needs rest for your immune system to do its best work.

Supplement your diet with Vitamin C and D.  Vitamin C is the most important vitamin for immune system health.  It’s a challenge for even the healthiest eaters to get all the nutrients they require each day without over-eating.  In a northern climate, vitamin D supplements are vital.  Vitamin D comes from sunlight, and in the Canadian winter, the sun’s rays are too indirect to give us what we need.

Eat well.  Avoid highly processed foods, “bad” fats, and sugar.  Consume alcohol and caffeine in moderation.  Say no to tobacco.

Come back next week to learn some more ways to protect yourself from the big, bad bugs.

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