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The holidays brighten up the wintertime and remind us to touch base with those we care about.

Follow our tips for a safe and merry holiday season.

Set appointments before the hustle and bustle begins.  A maintenance visit for chiropractic care can relieve stress and help you feel your best during the holiday season.  Phone Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to schedule your appointment.

If you have a real tree for a Christmas tree, water it daily.  Keep it away from sources of heat such as candles, heaters or fireplaces.

Does the thought of shopping stress you out?  Shop early to avoid crowds.  When you shop early, you can take your time and better control your budget.  It’s also easier to choose a thoughtful gift when you’re not in a rush.  Remember, when you shop locally, your money benefits your neighbours and stays in our community.

Or, shop online.  Once again, shop early.  As online shopping becomes more popular, there is a higher volume of parcels in the mail, which then take more time to be delivered to you.  In order to make sure your purchases arrive in time for Christmas, give them extra time to arrive.  Check the web sites of local shops to see if they offer online orders.  You may also be able to pre-order and do curbside pickup.

Learn to say “no.”  Sometimes the number of things to do can feel overwhelming.  Think about what truly matters to you.  Focus on those goals.  Remember to take time for yourself, too.  After you do the things that are important to you, and have the relaxation you need to recharge, you can see if you have time, energy, and money left over for non-essentials.

Check your lights before you hang them up—on the tree or anywhere else.  Throw away any frayed or damaged cords.  As well, use extension cords wisely.  Never run them underneath rugs.

If you enjoy alcohol at holiday celebrations, make sure you have a safe way to get home.  Choose a designated driver or hire a taxi.  Drinking and driving puts everyone at risk.

Remember what’s truly important.

It’s easy to get stressed out while trying to make the “perfect” Christmas for your family.  Remember that people will remember laughter and good feelings long after the food and décor are forgotten.

The staff of Sheppard Chiropratic Centre wish you and yours a warm and wonderful season celebrating the holidays!

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