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Almost everyone eats the occasional greasy meal or sweet treat.  How can you enjoy a little junk food without ending up with a bad habit?

Beat cravings

Food cravings typically pass within an hour.  If you’re craving junk food, try the following.  First, drink a glass of water.  Often our bodies tell us we’re hungry when we’re really thirsty.  Drink the water and wait a few minutes.

If you still feel hungry, try a healthy substitute.  If you’re craving sugar, eat fruit.  Craving crunch?  Try carrots.  If you’d like something cold and creamy, enjoy Greek yogurt.

Control portion sizes

Always avoid eating directly out of the bag/box.  It’s too easy to lose track of how much you’ve eaten.  Read the nutritional information and choose a serving size.  Put that amount in a bowl or on a plate.  Enjoy it.  When it’s gone, you’re done.  Don’t go back for a refill.

When you do indulge in snack food, limit your portions.  Order the single-scoop ice cream cone, not the triple decker.  Take a slice of pizza and fill the rest of your plate with fruit and veggies.  Choose the two-piece fried chicken meal, not the four-piece.  The idea is to enjoy a taste of the treat without going overboard.

When you are at a party, take a small plate or a napkin.  Choose your treats.  If  possible, balance your plate with an equal mix of healthy snacks (veggie sticks, hummus dip, fruit slices).  When your plate is empty, set it down rather than going back for more.

Enjoy treats in moderation

“Special occasions” are events that happen a handful of times a year, like Christmas and your birthday.  If you’re indulging in junk food and oversize meals for a “special occasion” every weekend, that’s no longer so special.

When you do choose to have sweet treats, salty snacks or greasy dinners, do it outside your home.  Let cake be a treat you order in restaurants, not a regular presence in your fridge.   Chips might be a tasty treat at a party, not a weekly entry on your grocery list.  Fried chicken could be a meal on occasional road trips, not your go-to Monday night dinner.  In conclusion, don’t keep unhealthy food on hand in your house where it’s easy to eat–and overeat.  Instead, fill your home with healthy alternatives.

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