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Help!  There were too many reasons to quit smoking for just one article.

We’ve collected some MORE reasons to give up smoking.

Firstly, vaping is not a safe alternative to smoking.  A Harvard study confirms that flavoured e-cigarettes also contain harmful chemicals.  In conclusion, your health will benefit the most if you avoid all nicotine products.

Secondly, smoking increases the risk of lots of different cancers.  Lung cancer is the most commonly known, but you also have a higher risk of kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, cancer of the esophagus, larynx cancer, and cervical cancer if you smoke.

Even if you are a cigar smoker who doesn’t inhale, you are still at an elevated risk of mouth cancer.

Don’t just listen to your doctor—listen to your dentist, too!  Smoking can increase gingivitis and periodontis, causing tooth decay, tooth loss, and bad breath.

If you are hoping to get pregnant, smoking during pregnancy will put your baby at risk.

Both men and women increase their risk of infertility by smoking.

If you already have asthma or emphysema, smoking will make it worse.

If you don’t, you may develop emphysema or chronic bronchitis thanks to smoking.

This is Canada—it’s cold outside for several months of the year, and sometimes it’s raining, too.  Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to go outside in those conditions just for a cigarette?  (Staying inside isn’t the answer – laws prohibit smoking in most workplaces and public places to protect others from the dangers of secondhand smoke.)

Finally, smoking weakens your sense of taste and smell, meaning your food is less enjoyable.

Keep the odds in your favour—don’t gamble with your health!  If you don’t smoke, or if you’ve quit smoking, avoid becoming involved with this dangerous habit.  Smoking negatively affects your health in so many different ways.  And if you do smoke, it’s time to make a plan to quit.  Your body will thank you!

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