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Last week we shared 3 tips to make back to school time a little less stressful.  This week we’ve got 4 more tips to help reduce the stress of back to school.

Build a stockpile of supplies

Keep essential school supplies on hand.  Think poster board, pencils, blank paper, erasers…  If your daughter loses her eraser, or if your son suddenly remembers that he needs poster board for a project due tomorrow, you won’t have to rush out to the store last-minute.  Bonus:  buying in advance lets you take advantage of sales, so you might not have to pay full price.

Plan the night before

Get ready the night before so you and your family aren’t in a last-minute rush in the morning.

Check the weather online and help your kids lay out clothing that’s appropriate to the forecast.  Then they won’t have to hunt for something to wear.

Gather all the items they’ll need in the morning – homework, books, hats, mittens, pencilcases, etc. – and put them in a bag or backpack, all ready to grab and go.

Involve your kids in packing their own lunches. Let kids pick between two healthy options:  carrot sticks or pepper slices?  Turkey sandwich or egg salad?   This teaches kids to make decisions and feel as though they have some control over their lunch, without opening the options to junk foods.

If last-minute rush leaves you or your kids tempted to skip breakfast, prepare a quick and easy breakfast with at least five grams of protein the night before.  Protein helps fuel kids through their morning and helps them to feel full until lunchtime.  Hardboiled eggs, dinner leftovers, oatmeal with milk, or chicken slices all make great protein options for breakfast.

Wear backpacks properly

Backpacks are a common source of childhood injury.  Teach your kids to always use both straps of the backpack.  Wearing the pack “slung off the shoulder” might look “cool” or be “easy” but it puts excessive strain on one side of the body.

Never load the pack with more than your child can safely carry.  A common rule of thumb is 10% of your child’s body weight (ie, a 80 pound child shouldn’t carry more than 8 pounds on her back).

Support a growing child’s body

Regular chiropractic care will help your child’s body cope with everyday wear and tear.  This includes stresses from carrying, sports injuries, tumbles and falls, strains from regular physical activity, and more.

If we haven’t seen your kids lately, phone Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to schedule their appointments.

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