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It’s fun to give yourself the shivers on Halloween.  But it has to be the right kind of scare.  Follow our five essential tips to make sure all your kids’ screams this Halloween are screams of delight.

Trick or Treat Tips

Make sure your little ghouls and goblins eat a full meal before going out for Trick or Treat.  This way they’re less likely to overindulge in treats while they’re out.

Trick or Treat is better in groups.  Depending on their age and their familiarity with the neighbourhood, older kids can go with friends, while younger ones might prefer to go with a parent, relative or baby-sitter.  Halloween is not a good time for kids to be out alone.  Also, set a reasonable time for older kids to be home.

Remind your children to watch out for cars.  If they’re wearing dark-coloured costumes, attach pieces of reflective tape to make them more visible to drivers.  Make sure they can see in their masks, or consider face paint instead.  And if you’re driving on Halloween, slow down and keep close watch—excited children in bulky costumes are hard to see in the dark.

When the kids come home afterwards, put the candy in a bowl and let them choose some to enjoy—then put the rest away, out of sight, somewhere like a high cupboard.  Halloween candy can make for a sweet after-dinner treat for weeks to come.  In summary, weeks of dessert is much more enjoyable than a tummy ache from eating it all at once.

Here’s a scary fact that’s a lot less fun—children’s injuries are often dismissed as “growing pains.”  But the stresses placed on young bodies can cause problems as they grow.  We want our children to be active.  It’s good for their health!  But we also need to support those active bodies.  Proper nutrition is one form of support.  Chiropractic care is another.

Sheppard Chiropractic Centre sees patients of all ages.  If your child hasn’t had a chiropractic checkup recently, or if they don’t already have a regular chiropractor, contact us at 635-8182 or 847-7172.

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