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The risk of having a fall is higher during the winter season thanks to our Canadian weather.  While most falls occur in the home, almost all of us have a fall or two during the winter months.  Canada’s chiropractors are committed to preventing injury and disability from falls.

This week and next, we’ll share some tips to keep you safe when you’re out and about this winter.

6 Tips to Prevent Winter Falls

Plan your trips around the weather.  If you don’t need to go out on icy days, it’s wiser to stay home and wait for the sidewalks to be cleared.  Keep some extra food in your freezer or pantry to avoid the need to go out in bad weather for groceries.  Similarly, plan ahead for other necessities.

Give yourself extra time. Rushing will increase your risk of a fall, so plan extra time into your trips so you can go slowly and watch your step.

Choose the safest route. Look for ice buildup, broken pavement, loose snow, and other hazards.  Is the shortest route is snow-packed, icy, or cluttered with snow and ice balls?  It’s better to take a longer route that’s clear.

Use handrails – it is what they are for! They can help you keep your balance on stairs and walkways.  Similarly, hold onto your car door when entering or exiting a vehicle.

Wear the right clothing. Choose supportive boots with good grip and low heels that fit you properly.  In extremely bad weather, consider ice cleats which will fit over your boots.  Mittens or gloves will help to keep your hands warm when you grip handrails.

If you do have a fall, call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 for an appointment right away. Even if you feel all right, falls can cause misalignment and other injury that might not be immediately apparent.

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