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Many of us lead busy lifestyles.  While we want to be more active and fit, we worry about where we’ll find the time.  Perhaps we can’t commit to long games or practices playing an organized sport.  Or maybe we’ve gotten into a bad habit of flopping down in front of the TV after work and not budging for the rest of the evening.  Perhaps we would like to go spend a couple hours at the gym, but family and professional demands make the freedom a luxury.

That’s why Canada’s Chiropractors have suggested that everyone aim for a minimum of 15 minutes of physical activity each day.  Even this small amount of time can make physical activity a natural habit.  Once the pattern’s set, it’s easy to keep it going.

Get Fit-in-15 — fifteen minutes can kickstart a change for the better!

It is the ideal start if you have been inactive in the past.  Also, if you struggle to make time to fit exercise into your schedule.

Some of us can’t spare an hour or two, but most of us can eke out 15 minutes.  And those 15 minutes can make a big difference.  Benefits include:  better energy, improved circulation, better heart health, greater flexibility and strength, and a brighter outlook.

Being active doesn’t need to be yet another source of stress and anxiety.  You will feel great knowing that you are able to take control  and improve your health.

Your chiropractor can evaluate your strength and flexibility.  He can screen for any factors that may limit physical activities.  Regular chiropractic care will help your body perform at its best.

If you don’t have a regular chiropractor, or if you haven’t been to see us in some time, it’s time to call Sheppard Chiropractic and Laser Healing.  Contact us at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to schedule your appointment.

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