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Every birthday we hear the same jokes:  Growing older stinks.  And as we age, we begin to increasingly value our independence.  It’s frustrating when health concerns start to limit our activities.  This can happen at any age.

It’s hard to feel excited about going out, socializing, and being active when we’re in pain, stiff, or fatigued.  We don’t want to go out at all if we feel as though we’ll be uncomfortable the whole time, or worse, unable to safely get home again.  As we grow older, more and more of us experience this feeling of being restricted.

Your chiropractor might not be able to prevent another birthday, but chiropractors can help you manage the effects of aging.

Chiropractic care helps to safeguard your independence

Regular chiropractic care will increase your flexibility, range of motion, and overall wellness.  It will keep your nervous system operating at its best and allow your body to heal itself.  It will also decrease or eliminate pain that makes it uncomfortable for you to be active.  Your chiropractor can also help you to evaluate and adapt to potential risk factors.

Some of those risk factors are in your own home.  While plenty of people stay home for fear of having a fall while they are out, most falls happen in the home.  Every year, one in every three Canadians over age 65 will experience a fall.  Injuries such as hip, wrist and pelvic fractures are common as a result of such falls, and can have a lasting impact on quality of life.

When you go out, make use of railings, handles and supports.  Don’t be reluctant to take a cane or walker if it would make the trip easier or more pleasant.  Be particularly careful on icy winter days.

Most of all, make one of those trips out to your chiropractor.  Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your body operating at its peak.  If something’s changed with your health, or if you’re particularly concerned about falls, slips or balance issues, be sure to let your chiropractor know.

Finally, if you do have a fall, come in to see your chiropractor as soon as possible.  We can begin treating any damage done right away and help prevent future re-occurrences.  Give Sheppard Chiropractic Centre a call at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.

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