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These days, many seniors live active lifestyles.  That’s excellent for their quality of life in a number of ways.

Being able to get out of the house, visit family and friends, and take part in social events greatly benefits emotional health.  It’s important to stay in touch with loved ones and feel connected to a greater community.

Regular exercise is crucial for physical health.  Exercise also releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, enhancing mental health at the same time.

All these factors contribute to overall wellness and enjoyment of life.

Chiropractic care can help to support seniors in a number of ways.

Firstly, chiropractic care can improve your flexibility.  This makes getting around and performing daily tasks much easier.

Secondly, chiropractic care keeps your nervous system working at its best.  When the body is out of alignment, it’s more difficult for signals from the brain to reach the rest of the body.

Thirdly, many of us suffer low back pain as we age.  Chiropractic care can relieve the pain and help to prevent its recurrence.

Fourthly, approximately 4 out of every 5 people will experience foot problems in their lifetimes.  Laser therapy can successfully treat a variety of foot problems.  Sheppard Chiropractic Centre also offers custom orthotics.

Finally, your chiropractor can test your strength and balance.  The chiropractor can recommend exercises to do at home that can help.  The better your strength and balance, the less likely you are to have a serious fall.

When you’re a senior, it becomes more important than ever to have a regular chiropractor.

If you’re enjoying your “golden years” and we haven’t seen you in some time, contact Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.  Maintenance care is a “tune up” for your body that will help to keep you moving, and feeling, your best.

Or if you, or a loved one, don’t have a regular chiropractor at this time, Sheppard Chiropractic Centre is accepting new patients.  We would be honoured to assist you in living your best life.

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