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Chiropractors are beginning to see more and more instances of a condition they’re calling “text neck.”  If you spend long periods of time bent over your cell phones, tablets or e-readers, you’ll put unique stresses on the bones and muscles in your neck.

How can I prevent “text neck?”

Raise the phone.  Lift devices to eye level so you don’t need to tilt your head downwards.

Stand up straight if you’re looking at a device while standing.  Pull back your shoulders and lift your chin.  Good posture will keep your body aligned in a neutral position.

Change positions when texting.  When you see teenagers lying on their backs and holding their cell phones overtop of them—that’s not a bad thing.  Lying down relieves pressure on their necks.

Arch and stretch.  Arch your neck and upper back backwards to ease tension in muscles.  Do neck stretches.

Stay fit.  You will be more able to handle extra stress if you have a strong, flexible neck and back.

Take breaks.  Spend some time away from your cell phone.  As well, don’t just swap your phone for another activity requiring a head-forward posture, like reading a book.

Finally, visit your chiropractor regularly.  Chiropractic maintenance care will address all the strains your body accumulates during the regular wear and tear of living your life.

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