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Did you know that your clothing can increase your risk of a fall?  It’s true!

There are four ways that things you wear can contribute to falls.

The number one culprit is socks.  Socks might be warm and comfortable.  Unfortunately, it’s easy for socks to slide on smooth surfaces like wooden or tile floors.

We don’t recommend slipper socks – the kind with the grips on the bottoms – because they don’t provide support for your ankles and feet.

The best way to keep your feet warm inside is to wear some supportive footwear over your socks.  Keep a pair of supportive, comfortable shoes for indoor use only.  Then you won’t have to worry about tracking outside dirt around your home.

Secondly, when you come home and switch your outside shoes for your inside shoes, it’s easy to fall when you’re trying to balance on one leg and put your foot into a shoe.  Keep a chair or bench next to your front door so you can sit down while you change shoes.  It’s also good to have a chair in your bedroom where you take off your shoes before bed.

Thirdly, overly baggy clothing can increase your risk of falls.  Slacks, jeans, and lounge pants should not bunch up around your ankles or partially cover your feet.   Skirts should not catch your toes when you walk.  Arrange for your clothes to be hemmed if they are too long.  If they sag when you move around in them, and a belt can’t fix the problem, donate them in favour of something better fitted.

Finally, when you’re heading for bed and exhausted, it’s easy to miss the hamper or leave your clothes on the floor next to your bed.  Unfortunately, clothing on the floor is very easy to trip over.  This is particularly true if you need the bathroom in the middle of the night, or early in the morning.  It’s worth the effort to put your clothing away properly.

What if I’m too tired to think clearly at bedtime?

If you’re often exhausted at bedtime, designate a drawer to hold the previous day’s clothes.  In the morning, when you’re more alert, you can fold the clothes and put them away if they’re still clean.  Or you can drop them in the laundry hamper if they’re not.  Either way, they aren’t on the ground where someone might trip on them.

Regular chiropractic care will keep your body working at its best and minimize your risk of a fall.  If you don’t already have your next maintenance appointment scheduled, contact Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.

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