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For many of us, this year’s holiday season is going to look different from past years.  Feeling the holiday blues?  Here are some tips to help adjust to changes in Christmas routines.

Adapt traditions to beat the blues

Traditions are living things that grow and change as a family, group, or situation changes.  In other words, it is okay to adapt a tradition.

This year it might not be possible to have the whole family together for Christmas.  Video chats or phone calls can help counteract the feeling of separation.

Consider setting up the video chat before both households sit down to dinner, or put on a holiday movie and talk while both households watch.

Don’t be fooled by false obligations

Let go of traditions that are no longer enjoyable.  For example, if everyone is at the stage of their lives where they no longer need household goods and giftware, you might decide to skip the gift exchange, or donate the money to a charity instead.

Polite, clear communication is crucial.  Rather than overspending budgets or fearing looking “cheap,” talk to your family and friends about caps on gift spending.  Ask your family and friends on tight budgets if there’s anything they truly need for the holidays.

Don’t feel obligated to keep doing something that’s more frustration than fun.  Communicate to see if the activity is truly a deeply meaningful event, or if it’s something that could be adapted or “sat out.”

Beating blues when giving gifts

If mailing gifts to faraway family and friends is too expensive, consider gift cards, which are easier to include in an envelope.

Locally, gift certificates give neighbourhood businesses a boost.  Choose a store or restaurant that you enjoy and consider giving a gift certificate as a present for someone you know who might like it too.

Remember that money spent supporting local businesses stays in our community.

Book appointments before the rush

The holidays are typically a busy time of year.  Don’t let time get away from you.

Many health insurance plans re-set in the New Year.  Value left unused is lost.  Therefore, the end of the year is a busy time.

Contact Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to book your appointment before the hustle and bustle begins.

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