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If you plan to travel south this winter, here are some vital tips to make your vacation the best it can be.

Many of these tips also apply to business travel, or long-distance trips within Canada.

Vacation is often a time for indulgence – generous buffets and lying on the beach in the sun.  But a few wise choices will make sure you come home without any regrets.

Most of our clients know that in order to feel at their best during vacation, it’s wise to see their chiropractor for a maintenance treatment shortly before they go.  But when you’re getting ready to leave on a trip, there’s never as much time to prepare as you would like.  That’s why we recommend scheduling your maintenance appointment for approximately a week before your departure date.

Crucial Tips for Vacation Travel

Stay hydrated, especially in a place with a warm climate.  To save money, buy a large bottle of water.  Keep it in your room and refill your portable water bottles throughout the day.

Airplane travel is also dehydrating.  When the flight attendant offers you a drink, choose water over coffee, black tea, pop, or sugary juice.

Your body will thank you if you take some time to move each day.  That doesn’t have to mean becoming a regular at the hotel gym.  Walking tours, strolls along the beach, or taking some time for active swimming rather than just floating in the pool all count.

Food recommendations will vary depending on the water quality at your destination.  In areas with reliable clean water, you can fill half your plate with a green salad.  In other areas, your safest bet is cooked vegetables or fruits where you don’t eat the skin, like pineapple and melon.  Choose these instead of fruits where you do eat the skin, like strawberries.

Don’t overload your suitcases, carry-ons or beach bags.  Pack only what you need.  Choose clothes you can mix-and-match.  If you’re a reader, take books you can leave behind at the hotel library when you’re done (making room for souvenirs on the way home!) Or put your reading material on an e-reader.

If you’re hiking or taking day-long tours, wear your backpack properly (using both straps) and watch the weight.

During long trips, take time to get up, stretch your legs, and move around.  This tip applies to planes, trains, buses, and cars.

Let your chiropractor know you are leaving on vacation.

We can recommend stretches customized to your individual needs.  You can do stretches in an area as small as a cruise ship cabin, and they will help you feel your best throughout your trip.

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Enjoy your vacation!

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