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Summer is supposed to be a time to de-stress.  Before you know it, it’s August, and time for parents to think about getting ready for back to school.  (Kids, of course, would rather not think about it until September actually arrives!)  Eventually the whole family feels the stress of back to school time.

September marks a return to routine in many households.  It’s also a return to last-minute rushes in the morning and an advertising blitz on behalf of stores.

Follow our tips to de-stress back to school time.

Kids’ breakfasts don’t have to be complicated.  They do, however, need to contain at least 5 grams of healthy protein to keep your kids nourished and full until lunchtime.  Growing minds and bodies need nourishment to be able to concentrate in school.

Chiropractic care is for all ages.  Many times kids’ injuries are dismissed as “growing pains.”  Children learn better and feel better when their nervous systems are working at their best.  If your child isn’t already a patient, call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre today.  We are accepting new patients of all ages!

Watching the back to school budget?  Focus on what your kids actually need.  They may have supplies left over from last year, for example.  They won’t need “back to school” clothes if they already have enough clothes that fit.

Make sure your kids wear their backpacks properly.  Use both shoulder straps and don’t overload the pack.  Also, choose a backpack that’s the appropriate size for the child using it.  Backpacks are a common cause of childhood spinal injury.  If your children complain of sore backs or aching shoulders, we can help!  Bring your kids in for an appointment.

Limit your kids’ “screen time.”  Kids don’t just learn from computers and TV.  They also learn by interacting with one another and doing things for themselves.

Regular physical activity won’t just keep your kids fit – it also helps them sleep better, helps them concentrate in school, improves mood, and depending on the activity, may also teach social skills.

Rushed in the mornings? 

Make lunch and lay out clothing for the next day before bedtime.  It’ll eliminate time wasted finding an outfit in the morning, and ensure that a healthy lunch is ready to grab and go.  Find everything they’ll need to take – backpacks, homework, books, hats – and gather it the night before.

Also, you can prepare healthy breakfasts in advance, like egg muffins, omelettes, scrambles, healthy muffins, and quiche.  Leftovers from a healthy dinner can double as a healthy breakfast or lunch.  This tip works for busy adults as well as kids and teens!

If we haven’t seen your children lately, get your kids off to the best possible start before they begin classes.  Call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 for an appointment before the start of the school year.

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