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When you are active you’re likely to experience some form of muscle soreness.  Pain is never fun, so how should you balance the benefits of exercise with the soreness that sometimes comes with it?  Is muscle soreness bad?

Resistance training, in particular, can cause muscle soreness.  Resistance training is when you’re working against something that resists your movement.  Weightlifting is a popular example, as the weights resist your attempt to lift the bar.  Swimming also counts, as you’re moving through water.  If your exercise bike has the adjustable tension belt to make it harder to pedal, that’s also resistance training.

Resistance training builds muscle by causing your muscles to work harder to accomplish the task.  Building muscle is good!

When you use your muscles, micro-tears often form in the muscle fibers.  These micro-tears can cause inflammation, mild swelling, and increased blood flow to the area, stimulating the pain receptors in the muscles.  This makes your muscles ache and feel more sensitive to movement.

These micro-tears are normal.  As the muscle rebuilds itself, it grows stronger.

However, muscle soreness should not be crippling.

You can help to prevent muscle soreness by doing longer warm ups before your workout.  A properly warmed up muscle will not be as vulnerable to micro-tears.

If you do an intense workout one day, don’t do another the next day.  Give your body time to heal.  Do a gentler workout, like yoga, or take a rest day.  Many athletes schedule “rest days” to give their bodies time to heal.

Epsom salts are high in magnesium, which promotes muscle relaxation and improved circulation.  If the ache is troublesome, try an Epsom salt bath.

If the ache doesn’t get better with rest, or if it’s bad enough that it interferes with your daily life, it’s time to get it looked at.

Laser therapy helps micro-tears to heal more quickly.

Laser therapy is excellent for treating micro-tears and other acute sports injuries quickly and effectively.

Chiropractic care will address strains and other “wear and tear”.  It can also minimize your risk of injury.  Chiropractic care improves your athletic performance because it helps keep your body working at its best.

You should not need to rely on over the counter painkillers as a result of your regular exercise routine.  If you find yourself plagued by severe muscle soreness that doesn’t go away, you are likely pushing yourself beyond your fitness level.  Your chiropractor can recommend activities that will be challenging, but reasonable, for your abilities.

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