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All of us at Sheppard Chiropractic Centre are honoured to help patients who come to us in acute discomfort.  Whether they’ve been in an accident, “thrown their back out,” or had pain build up over time, they come to see us for relief and healing.

But we also see a lot of patients who say they feel fine!

Why do they come to the chiropractor if they can’t name something that’s “wrong?”

They want to live their best lives

Do you want to go through life feeling “okay” or would you rather feel “good?”  That “good” feeling is what we call wellness.  Wellness is more than just the absence of pain.

Wellness is a state of being where all your needs are met.  You feel good physically, but you also feel good mentally—neither lethargic nor hyped up and stressed out.  Your emotional and social needs are met thanks to strong ties to other people.  Also, you are spiritually fulfilled by meaningful activities and a sense of connection to the world around you.  You are able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Chiropractic care can help you achieve your wellness goals

Who are the people  who see us regularly?  Some of them are athletes.  Our athletes vary from people who play sports in leagues or at school, to people who work out to reach fitness goals, to folks who just enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, or running and want to be the best they can be.  You don’t need to be a competitive athlete to benefit from chiropractic care.

Some of our regulars are seniors who know that chiropractic maintenance can help to preserve their independence.  They rely on care to maintain the flexibility and comfort to play with their grandchildren, run their errands, and maintain active social lives.

And some of our regular patients are just ordinary people who want to live their best lives.  They don’t wait for something to “go wrong” before they come through our doors.  They know that preventative care can solve little problems before they become large, uncomfortable, and time-consuming to heal.  Chiropractic care helps to manage stress and keeps your nervous system functioning at its best.

If you don’t have a regular chiropractor, Sheppard Chiropractic Centre is accepting new patients.  Call us at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to book your first appointment.

Or, if you’re a patient and we haven’t seen you in some time, consider this your reminder to prioritize your health.  You deserve to feel your best!  We look forward to seeing you soon for maintenance care.

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