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For the last three weeks we’ve talked about the best ways to start getting active.  On nice days, you can go for a walk outside.  When it’s rainy or stormy, you can do simple aerobics in front of the TV.  And there’s lots of little ways to add more activity to your life, like parking near the back of a parking lot, choosing stairs over elevators, or picking family activities that will get everyone moving around.

Once you get used to regular daily activity, you will find that it comes easily.  In fact, it might become too easy to challenge you anymore.  As your endurance improves, you will need to do more to maintain the same workout intensity.

Fortunately, by this point, you should already be in a habit of making activity a regular part of your life.

Different activities suit different personalities

Did you hate playing team sports in school, or do you miss it?

Do you get bored when you’re on your own, or is “alone time” a chance to recharge?

Do you find the idea of competition motivating, or discouraging?

Are you able to go to a gym easily, or do you work unusual hours, or have limited transportation?

The answers to these questions will serve as a guide.

If you miss playing team sports, consider joining a team or league.  Prefer to work out on your own?  Think about hiking, biking, swimming, or other solitary activities.  What if you like to be with other people, but team sports aren’t your thing?  Try fitness classes, dance lessons, or get together with family and friends for jogs, hikes, or bike rides.

If you enjoy competition, you can join a club that will let you swim, do karate, dance, or do CrossFit in a competitive setting.  If you don’t, many of these clubs do not make competition mandatory.

Joining a gym will only help if you are able to make use of your membership.  If the gym doesn’t have convenient hours or a practical location, you might get further investing that money in an exercise bike and hand weights that you can use at home.

Try new things

Ever been curious about an activity?  Wondered if judo, yoga, or diving was for you?  Thought squash or soccer might be fun?  Why not give it a try?

If it’s not for you, you’re free to try something else—and if it is, you’ll have a new way to enjoy being active.

No matter what activity you’re doing, you’ll find it more rewarding if you try new things and learn what you enjoy most, instead of slogging away at one particular method that doesn’t engage you.

It might take a few tries before you find something that really “clicks.”

You’re more likely to stick with activities that are fun.

If you’re becoming more active, your body may need some support.  Call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 and make a change for the better.  You deserve to feel your best!

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