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Springtime is traditionally a season of new life and fresh starts.  That’s why so many people have adopted the tradition of “spring cleaning.”  But cleaning is hard work, at spring or any other time.  Check out our four tips to safeguard your back when you’re cleaning your house.

Warm up

You might not think of housecleaning as exercise.  But lifting hampers full of of laundry, bending and stretching to load the dishwasher, scrubbing your counters and your tub, and pushing a vacuum or broom are all physical activities.  Just as you’d warm up before jogging, weightlifting, or playing sports, warm up before tackling household chores, too.  Stretches and a walk around the house before you begin can help to prevent injuries.

Watch your posture

Excessive twisting leaves you at risk for back injury.  Whenever possible, turn by pivoting your feet instead of by twisting your back.  Hold handles (mops, vacuums) close to your body and walk back and forth, instead of stretching and bending to move the tool while you stand still.

Switch hands

It’s easier to strain your body when you use only one side of it.  To protect yourself from shoulder strains, neck pulls and back aches, switch hands whenever possible.  For example, you don’t need your dominant hand for a task like scrubbing tiles.  Use your dominant hand for tasks that require precision, such as using a kitchen knife.

Divide loads

It’s easy to strain your body or worse, have a fall, when you’re trying to carry too much at once.  Whether it’s bringing groceries in from the car, carrying laundry hampers to the washing machine, or taking winter gear up to the attic for storage, it’s better to break the load into smaller, manageable portions.  There’s no award for doing it all in one or two trips—increased risk of injury isn’t a prize worth winning!  Take your time and make as many trips as you need to transport the load safely and easily.

Your chiropractor can help with aches and pains

Sometimes, even with reasonable precautions, we develop aches and pains anyway.  Accidents happen.  Bodies go out of alignment due to ordinary wear and tear.  If you’re feeling discomfort, or if you’ve had a fall or other accident, it’s time to give us a call.  Contact Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 today.

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