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It’s easy to forget that yard work and gardening are physical activities.  When you’re working in your garden or yard this Spring, these tips will help you to avoid injury.

Garden and Mow Safely

Stretch before you start, and take some time to cool down when you finish.  Repeat the stretches or take a walk around the block.

Kneel to weed and plant.  Bending and squatting can strain your back, neck and leg muscles.  A mat or kneepads can make kneeling more comfortable.

Thirdly, use long-handled tools.  Long-handled tools help you to avoid the need to bend forwards or sideways as you work, minimizing the risk of strain to your lower back and neck.

Fourthly, change hands frequently.  Changing hands prevents muscle strain on one side of the body.

Fifthly, posture matters.  When you’re raking and hoeing, stand as straight as possible, with your head upright.  Pause every few minutes to stretch.

Lift heavy objects properly.  Get close to the object, bend your knees, hold the load close to your body.  Keep your back straight and use your leg and arm muscles to lift the load, slowly and smoothly.  If you need to turn, don’t twist your body—keep your back straight and use your feet to pivot your whole body.

Don’t forget self-care

Did you know that drinking water is good for your back?  The discs of your spine require water to stay cushiony and function properly.  Stay hydrated.  Also remember that coffee, tea and juice don’t count—pure, fresh water is best.

Take breaks.  Like any physical activity, when you are tired, it is time to rest.

If you feel pain in your neck, back, or anywhere else that is painful enough to interfere with your everyday activities or persists longer than a few days, call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.

Regular chiropractic maintenance will also help you avoid injury by keeping your body in optimum condition.

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