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Sandwiches have a bad reputation for being less healthy than salads.  But a nutritious sandwich can be just as good for you as a healthy salad (and better for you than an unhealthy salad!)  This week and next, we’ll share our tips for building a better sandwich.

First, the bread

Always choose whole grain bread, which is high in fibre.

Most people don’t get enough fibre for quality digestion.  Avoid bread made with refined flour, which offers empty calories and is low in fibre.

A whole grain wrap is also an excellent option.

Next, the protein

Avoid processed sandwich meat as much as possible.  Processed meats often have added salt and sugar to improve the flavour, and preservatives to help them last.  They’re made out of low-quality cuts with plenty of gristle and fat mixed in.  If you can’t eat gluten or dairy, be extra careful–these are common fillers in processed deli meat.

Instead, choose shaved turkey and chicken, or make tuna or salmon salad, or use a fillet of fish.  Choose shaved ham and beef less often.  Or, use leftover meat from your dinner the night before.

If you don’t eat meat, add protein to your sandwich by using hummus as a spread, refried beans as a filling, add a fried egg, or top with a slice of cheese.  Scrambled eggs go great in wraps.  Or, put protein on the side, like quinoa, bean salad, or lentils.

Skip deep fried crispy chicken or fish, or greasy ground meat patties, as sandwich ingredients.

Add the sandwich toppings

Most of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Go beyond lettuce and tomato.  Raw spinach, cucumber slices, shredded cabbage, and bell pepper are all excellent sandwich toppings.

Or, serve your sandwich alongside vegetables and dip, a salad, chunky vegetable soup, or a piece of fresh fruit.

If you can tolerate dairy, cheese is healthy in moderation.  Read the label and understand how big a serving is—it might be less than you think.

Next week we’ll share our tips for sandwich sauce and sides.  Then we’ll solve the mystery of the unhealthy salads!

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