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Most of us don’t think of desk work as inherently dangerous.  Yet sitting for most of our workday places unusual stresses on our backs and sometimes our necks, while repetitive motions with our hands can strain our wrists.

Incorporating ergonomics into the workplace can greatly reduce the stress on your body.

If you work at a desk:

Remember to take frequent breaks during the day to stretch your neck, arms, wrists, back and legs. We all know it can be easy to get caught up in your work – set a timer every 30-60 minutes to remind yourself.

The set up of your work station is equally as important as your body position.  Choose a desk that is the appropriate height for you. Ensure items you use frequently are within arm’s reach.  You should not have to lunge, lean or strain to grab your phone, your pen, your stapler, etc.

Adjust your keyboard level so your elbows remain relaxed by your side. When typing, do not allow your wrists to sag and rest on the keyboard.

Place your mouse close to you in a comfortable position. Do not grip it too firmly. Use your whole arm/shoulder to move it, rather than just your wrist.

Reduce eyestrain by adjusting your workstation to avoid glare from overhead lighting or windows. Rows of lights should be parallel to your workstation, while windows should be perpendicular to your monitor.

Visit your chiropractor for regular maintenance care to address stress and strains from sitting at a desk during your workday.

If you don’t have your next appointment booked, call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre today at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to schedule your next appointment.

These precautions don’t just reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.  Long-term, you will be more comfortable.  You may also find that you are more productive.  Physical strain can be tiring and discomfort is distracting.  Minimzing stress and discomfort clears your mind to focus on your work.

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