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Do you ever wake up with low back pain first thing in the morning?

If so, you’re not alone.  It’s very common to feel pain in your lower back region as you wake up.  Sometimes the pain itself is enough to wake you up early.   Other times you may notice aches or tenderness in that area as you are getting out of bed.

If I’ve been sleeping for the past eight hours or so, why does my back hurt?

As you sleep, the pressure in the discs of your spine increases.  This increased pressure can lead to bulging discs, discomfort, and pain.

In upcoming weeks we’ll talk about other reasons for back pain in the morning.

How can I avoid lower back pain in the morning?

One specific position puts a lot of pressure on this area of the body.  It’s called flexion, or forward bending of the spine.  And the activity that causes chronic flexion is:  Sitting.

Minimize sitting as much as possible for the first hour you’re out of bed.  If possible, avoid sitting altogether.

For some activities, this is easy.  If you shower first thing in the morning, you’re already standing up.  If you prefer to sit down for a bath, you might want to do this in the evening before bed instead.

Similarly, most of us stand when we get dressed, comb our hair, and make breakfast.  However, many of us sit to eat breakfast, drink coffee, read the paper, check our emails and social media, etc.  All these activities can be accomplished while standing.  Try it and see if you feel a change!

Avoid sitting as long as possible first thing in the morning and you may notice a significant change in your lower back.

These tips won’t work for everyone.  If you suffer from balance problems, shortness of breath, etc. you may need to sit to prevent falls.  Next week we’ll talk about ways to make sitting safer for your lower back.

If you suffer from lower back pain in the morning (or at any other time during the day), chiropractic care can help.  At your next maintenance visit, let your chiropractor know if you’ve noticed a change in your health, such as starting to wake up with lower back pain.

Or, if we haven’t seen you in some time and you’re waking up with a sore back, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Sheppard Chiropractic Centre.  Call us at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 today.

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