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Now that the weather is becoming more pleasant, many of us are revisiting our New Year’s resolution to “be more active.”  There are certainly a wider range of activities to choose from, and you’ll need far less heavy clothing to go outdoors.

But it’s one thing to say that you “want to be more active” and another to figure out exactly how to get started.

For the next few weeks, we’ll talk about the steps to becoming more active.

Start slow

To begin, aim for 20 minutes a day.

That might not seem like a lot of time.  But you don’t want to exhaust yourself while you’re just starting to build endurance.

Many of us take an hour or so in the evening to watch TV, surf the Internet, or read a book.  20 minutes out of that time still leaves you with enough time for an episode of a TV show.  And it’s sustainable.  If an activity takes hours and hours, you’re less likely to be willing—or able—to do it every day.

The key is to make physical activity a natural part of your ordinary day.

Next week we’ll talk about what kinds of activities to do in those 20 minutes.

Talk to your chiropractor

If you’re hoping to become more active, your chiropractor can help.  This is also true for people who would like to take up a new sport, or who’ve started a more physical job, or for whatever reason have found that the kinds of physical activity they regularly take part in has changed.

Your chiropractor can give you advice on stretches, exercises and things to watch out for that is specifically tailored to you, your body, and the kinds of activities you’re taking part in.

Chiropractic care can also support your body, particularly your musculo-skeletal system and nervous system.  We can help you to be at your best.

If you don’t have a regular chiropractor, Sheppard Chiropractic Center is accepting new patients.  We’d be honoured to help you.  Call us at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to make your first appointment.

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