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Do you have a basement, garage or attic filled with junk—stuff that you don’t use, don’t need and probably don’t want?  Many of us keep buying more and more “stuff,” which only adds to our junk collections.

“Treating yourself” is often part of self-care.  But does more “stuff” really make us happier?

Basic needs come first.

Acquiring “things” is important if you don’t have enough.  For example, nobody wants to go through a Canadian winter without a winter coat.  Or, if you have a coat, but it’s so threadbare that it doesn’t keep you warm, you genuinely need a new one. There is no reason to feel guilty about buying something you need.

Once you have enough “things” to meet your needs, it’s time to re-focus your spending.  After all, you can only wear one winter coat at a time!  How many coats do you need?  How many will you use?

Beware shopping as recreation

It’s easy to get a brief burst of pleasure from the act of purchasing, but will this feeling be worth it when the credit card bill comes due?  Buy because you truly want the thing you’re buying, rather than relying on shopping itself as recreation.

“Stuff” doesn’t just take money to buy and time to shop for; it also takes time and effort to care for.  What could you do with the time and energy you spend caring for unwanted “stuff”—or fretting about the lack of time and energy you have to spend on that pile of junk in your garage, attic or basement?

How would your life improve if you put that money and time into buying and preparing healthy meals, enhancing your exercise routines, supporting your body with quality care, and strengthening your connections with others?

The value of experiences

Generally speaking, once people’s needs are met, they tend to get more enjoyment from experiences than from objects.

Think about what would bring you more enjoyment.   A weekend getaway, or replacing a perfectly fine item of furniture with something “new”?  A good meal in good company, or another knick-knack to join the 99 knick-knacks you already own?

Rather than adding unnecessary junk to your household, consider adding memories to your life. Memories of time spent with friends, family, spouse, date, pets…the list is endless.

Best of all, some excellent experiences are free.  Visit the public library, enjoy the park, hike the trails, play a game with family or friends, enjoy the things you already own.

Money spent on nutritious food is never wasted.  Make an investment in your health by buying the highest quality food you can easily afford.

Next week we’ll talk about other things that are worth the investment.  In the meantime, bolster your self-care with chiropractic maintenance to keep your body working at its very best.  If you don’t already have your next appointment scheduled, call (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 and our friendly office staff will assist you.

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