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Perhaps you already know that a person may not feel the full effects of an accident until weeks, months, or even years afterwards.

Over time, the symptoms become more apparent:  loss of range of movement, pain, stiffness, fatigue, tenderness, sometimes headaches and “brain fog.”

That’s why we recommend that our patients come to see us as soon as possible after an accident, like a car collision, fall, sports “wipe out,” tumble off a ladder, or other mishap.

But what if you are now feeling the symptoms from an incident that happened a long time ago?

Are you worried that it is “too late” for chiropractic treatment?

It’s not too late for chiropractic care to help you!

Chiropractic care can help you, no matter when your accident took place.

Chiropractic care treats misalignment in your spine.  We are musculo-skeletal experts who also treat injuries to shoulders, necks, joints, wrists and feet.  Chiropractic care can relieve your pain.  It will support your nervous system and help your body to heal.

Some people don’t remember a specific accident that caused their pain or stiffness.  That’s because years of cumulative strain can cause similar symptoms.

Other people go months or years after an accident until they feel the symptoms—long enough that they’ve forgotten about the mishap that caused them.

Whatever the reason, chiropractic care can help.

If you have an accident, make an appointment.

We would like to spare our patients as much discomfort as possible!  It’s best to make an appointment as soon as you can after an accident.  Don’t wait for your next scheduled maintenance visit – come in early and let us guide your body back into proper alignment sooner rather than later.  We would like to treat you before your symptoms begin impacting your daily life!

But if you do find yourself living with the after-effects of an accident—or years of cumulative strain—don’t be afraid.  Sheppard Chiropractic Centre is accepting new patients and we would be honoured to help you.  We treat patients of all ages, from children to seniors.  Call (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 for your appointment.

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