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Chiropractic care is a safe, natural, and effective way to treat many types of leg pain.

Leg pain can have different causes–and different treatments

Does your pain come from a torn ligament, sports injury, tendonitis, or muscle strain?  Laser therapy is a highly effective, safe, and painless way to relieve discomfort and promote faster healing.  The laser light stimulates the cells to heal more quickly.

If the pain is caused by osteoarthritis in your hip, knee and/or ankle, laser therapy is also recommended.  That’s because laser therapy is also highly effective for chronic inflammatory conditions.  Laser therapy helps your body to cope with chronic inflammation.

If the pain is in your hip or knee, we will examine your spine, gait and posture.  The source of the pain may be originating elsewhere, such as your spine.  Or  irregularities in your gait or feet could be responsible for the pain.  Chiropractors can address subluxations in the spin.  We ensure your body is in proper alignment.  We also offer custom orthotics.

If the leg pain is the result of sciatica, spinal manipulation will help to relieve the pain.  Your chiropractor may also recommend a schedule for ice/cold therapy to reduce the inflammation and control the pain.

Chiropractors adapt their treatments to meet each patient’s unique needs and circumstances.

We can also help to prevent future problems

Your chiropractor can help you to make necessary changes to your work environment, exercise routine, and lifestyle.  These changes can help to minimize your risk of future injury.  We can also recommend exercises and/or stretches to do at home.  These exercises and stretches can build strength, ease pain and lessen symptoms.

In conclusion, if you’re suffering from leg pain, it’s time to call your chiropractor.

Contact Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.  We’re accepting new patients and we’d be honoured to assist you.

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