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Many of us have experienced significant life changes during Covid-19.  If you are starting to notice more aches and pains in your back, here are some things you can do at home until we are able to see you for your next maintenance appointment.

Make a move

If you’re used to standing or moving around all day at work, then these days, you might find yourself sitting a lot more than you’re accustomed to.  Sitting places unique stresses on your back.

Spending more time standing and moving around during the course of the day can alleviate back pain caused by too much sitting.

Add stretching to your daily routine.  Since most of us lean forward while sitting, take some time to stretch while leaning back.  Stretch your legs, too.  Some people find yoga a helpful way to stretch, improve flexibility, and manage back pain.  You don’t need to go to a studio.  There are excellent resources available for free online.

Support your spine

We all have to sit sometimes.  If you are working from home, make sure your home office supports your back.  This also applies to people who spend leisure time on computers.

Sit so that your back rests against the backrest of your chair.  Your feet should be able to rest against the floor.  Your knees should be the same level or slightly higher than your hips.  Position your computer screen at eye level.

You should not have to lean, stretch, or bend over to use your home office equipment.  If you find yourself stretching for the mouse, for example, move it closer.  If you bend over to use your keyboard, you’re sitting too close.

When you use a cell phone, lift the phone up to eye level instead of craning your neck to look down at the phone screen.

Even if you’re relaxing—for example, watching TV—avoid slouching.  Also, get up to move around every 30 minutes.  Your body will thank you later!

Put back pain on ice      

Ice the affected area to reduce inflammation.

Don’t use a hot pad!  Heat might feel good, but it can add to the inflammation.

When using ice packs, take them off after 20 minutes to give your skin a break.

These tips can also help to compliment regular chiropractic maintenance care.

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