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Smart phones and tablets are a mixed blessing.  In the good news, it’s convenient to have a phone so you can let people know if plans have changed, or if you’re running late.  And if you need someone to bring you something, it’s easy to get a hold of them.   If you’re lost, you can look up a map.  And if you need help, you can phone 911 from wherever you are.  As well, screen time can help us maintain critical human connection with loved ones and friends who live far away.

Like any tool, phones and tablets need to be used in moderation.  Many of the “bad news” stories we hear take place when these tools are misused and abused.

Make your phone and tablet work for you, not against you.

Phones can disrupt sleep patterns.  The light from the screen is the worst offender.  Never use your phone or tablet in bed—not even to relax, like playing games or watching videos!  Your mind will associate your bed as “a place for alertness” rather than “a place for rest” thanks to the bright light.  For the best quality of sleep, keep your phone out of your bedroom entirely—even if it’s turned off!

If you’re spending time with children, friends, or family, they will quickly be able to tell if you’re more interested in your phone than in sharing their company.  Eye contact is vital.  Even if you’re listening, if your eyes are on your phone, your loved ones will think that whatever’s on the screen is more important.   Therefore, you should give the people you care about the gift of your undivided attention.  Social bonds are crucially important to wellness.

Never, ever use your phone or tablet while driving.  Driving safely requires your full attention.  If you need to check a map, answer a phone call or look something up, pull over and park your car first.

Put reasonable boundaries on screen time.

Did you know that chiropractors and doctors are starting to see, more and more, a condition that’s being called “text neck?”  Spending long periods of time bent over your phone places unique stresses on your neck and musculo-skeletal system.  These stresses can lead to pain and damage down the road.  Come back next week when we’ll talk more about how to avoid developing “text neck.”

But if you have neck pain now, don’t wait.

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