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We spend almost a third of our lives in our beds!

As chiropractors, we are often asked which pillows and mattresses are best for our patients.

Unfortunately, there is no one correct answer.  Everybody is different.  That’s why it’s worthwhile to take the time and effort to find a pillow and mattress that suits your individual needs.

At the end of the day, comfort and support are of utmost importance.  Keep them in mind when you look for pillows and mattresses.

Pillow and mattress tips to help you get through the night

A good mattress provides uniform support for your body, allowing the spine to maintain its natural alignment.  There should be no gaps between your body and the bed. Also, the best mattress provides a happy medium:  not too soft and not too firm.  If it is too soft, it will not support your body.  If it is too firm, it will be uncomfortable.

Turn your mattress clockwise every few months to minimize body indentations.  The user’s guide that comes with your mattress should have recommendations about turning and/or flipping your mattress.

A temporary fix for back pain: if you have back pain, place a board under your mattress for increased support. However, please note that this is not a permanent solution. In conclusion, if you are continually waking up because you feel uncomfortable, it’s time for a new mattress.

When it comes to pillows, size matters! Therefore, choose a pillow that allows your head and neck to remain level with your upper back.

Choose firm foam materials that press back and support the head.

You may not be getting the proper support if you find yourself sleeping on your side with your arm propped under the pillow.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Your spine is not properly aligned in this position, and your neck will be sore from turning your head to the side so you can breathe.  Sleep on your side or back at all times.

In conclusion, it is worth your time to try pillows and mattresses in the show room and make sure they provide the sleep experience you desire.  Also, some mattress companies will allow returns or exchanges should a new mattress not suit.  Take advantage of these opportunities.

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