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In previous articles we looked at two different reasons for household falls: climbing (on furniture) and tripping (on objects on the ground).  Today we’ll look at slips and skids.

The easiest way to avoid tripping is to keep as few objects as possible on the ground.  What do you do about slips, when there’s nothing “on the ground” to make you fall?

Well, there might be something on the ground

If the thing on the ground is a puddle of liquid or smear of oil, it could easily cause your foot to slip.  You might lose your balance and fall.  Clean up all spills promptly, no matter where in the house they occur.

Winter brings an increased slip risk in the form of ice and snow.  Keep de-icer in your house for your front step. Take your time when you are walking outside, as you are more likely to slip if you rush. Use railings and choose clear paths.

Or there might be something on your foot that causes slips

Firstly, many people slip and fall because they wear socks indoors.  Socks slide easily on smooth surfaces.  Even slipper socks don’t have the grip and ankle support of a shoe.  If your feet feel cold inside, consider a pair of indoor-only shoes.

Secondly, shoes need treads to provide you with grip!  If the treads on your shoes are worn out, you’ll slip more easily.  Choose footwear with deep treads for snow and mud.

Bathrooms and kitchens, known for slips, are commonly damp

Use non-slip mats in bathrooms and kitchens in places where a person would be more likely to fall due to a damp, slippery floor.

Install grab bars in bathtubs/showers, next to toilets, and anywhere else a person might commonly need to stabilize themselves while moving.

You may also feel more secure with two railings—one on either side of a stairwell.

Finally, use non-slip floor wax.

What if I slip and fall anyway?

Sometimes we can take every precaution and still have a fall.  Your chiropractor is here for you!  Canada’s chiropractors are committed to minimizing injury and disability from household falls.

Injuries from falls are not always apparent.  You may not feel pain until days or even weeks later.  That’s why it’s best to call your chiropractor as soon as possible after you have a fall.  Contact us at Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.  We would be honoured to help.

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