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It’s common for people to injure or strain their lower back while bending over at the waist.

It’s also common for people to suffer back injuries or back pain in the morning.  Some of this pain comes from bending and lifting injuries.

In the morning we often bend over to put on socks, tie our shoes or pick up items from off the floor.  We may be stiff or groggy from recently waking up.

Minimize the risk of injury by avoiding excessive bending at the waist.

Many of us are familiar with proper lifting technique – where we lower ourselves with our knees to pick up a heavy load, wrap our arms around the load, and use our knees to lift while keeping our backs straight.  That’s great if you’re picking up a box or large object.  But what if you just want to pick up a sock, or you drop your fork at breakfast time?

Try the golfer’s lift

The golfer’s lift is named for how often it is used to pick up golf balls.  It is excellent for picking up small, lightweight objects.

Firstly, get close to the object.

Don’t bend your knees.

Let one leg come off the floor behind you while you reach one arm down to pick up the object.

Your chest will be pointing down towards the floor, and your lifted leg will act as a counterbalance to your upper body.

If you have balance concerns, you can use your free hand to hold onto a stationary object for support, like a tabletop or chair back.  Be sure the object you choose is sturdy.

The golfer’s lift helps to avoid back injury because lifting the back leg allows your spine to stay straight.  The counterbalance between upper body and lifted leg offsets the strain on your back muscles.

This is also an excellent technique to pick things out of a deep bin, like you might find at a supermarket or department store.

Don’t use the golfer’s lift for heavy objects.  It’s hard for your leg to counterbalance you when you’re holding a heavy object in your hand.  Lifting heavy objects this way makes falling more likely.  If the object you want to lift is heavy, squat down beside it and lift with your knees.

If you’re concerned about your balance, or if you’re suffering back pain in the morning or throughout the day, your chiropractor can help.  Contact Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 today.

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