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Most of us feel safe at home.  But did you know that most falls happen in the home? One in three Canadians over age 65 will experience a fall in the course of a year.  Younger people are also at risk, particularly those with balance problems or difficulty concentrating.

Stay safe at home by reducing your risk.

Reduce clutter in the home. Put away loose rugs. Also, minimize objects on the floor. Run power cords along the wall between outlets and devices so that they are clear of walkways. The less there is to trip over, the less likely you are to fall.

Keep your kitchen floor dry.  Wipe up any spills promptly.

If you have to walk around furniture in order to get from your bedroom to the bathroom, consider re-positioning that furniture elsewhere in your home. When you are in a hurry, or waking up at night to use the bathroom, this furniture forms obstacles in your path.  It can knock you off balance or catch your foot if you run into it in the dark.

Make sure rooms and hallways are well-lit.  Also, replace burned-out bulbs promptly. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, get a relative, friend or neighbour to help.

Wear supportive, non-slip footwear around your house. Ordinary socks slide easily on smooth surfaces.  This is why “slipper socks” have grips on the bottom.  Unfortunately, slipper socks still don’t offer much in terms of support. Shoes are better than slippers or slipper socks. Keep a pair of sandals or shoes that you only wear indoors if you’re worried about outside dirt.

Install handrails along staircases that don’t already have them. If one handrail is not enough to make you feel secure, install a second on the other side of the stairs. Handrails are useful in any area where people find themselves reaching for a stable surface to help them up or down. Examples include near the toilet, in the shower, or along a ramp.

If you do have a fall, make an appointment to see your chiropractor right away.

You might feel all right (aside from a little embarrassment and a few bruises) but falls can cause damage that doesn’t manifest right away. Chiropractors will examine you, make sure your spine is in alignment, and treat any problems that they identify. They can also test your strength and balance and make recommendations.

To help prevent falls, or to minimize injury after a fall, call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.  We would be honoured to help you.

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