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In the summer it’s easy to stay active in New Brunswick.  When the weather is warm, most of us want to be outside.  Swimming, hiking, kayaking and cycling are classic summer activities.  We go camping, to the beach, or to the cottage, where it’s easy to find active things to do.  And it’s a lot easier to go out jogging in our shorts and tank tops than it is in our long johns, track pants, hoodies, and winter coats.

Now that the weather is beginning to cool off, we need to keep in mind that we are not bears–we don’t get to hibernate for the next few months!

How can you stay active during the New Brunswick winter?

There are resources in our local communities that give us opportunities to stay active.  For example, the qplex in Quispamsis doesn’t charge a fee to use its indoor walking track.  Public skating is also free.  And if you’re looking for a large, warm place to go for a stroll in the winter, look no farther than the nearest shopping mall!  (Just be cautious of how often you “refuel” in the food court!)

Winter might be a good time to invest in a membership.  If you have fun swimming in the summertime, consider a membership to the Canada Games Aquatic Centre in Saint John.  If you enjoy taking classes, there are a number of gyms which offer fitness activities.  From cross-fit to sports leagues, you can get out of the house and get together with like-minded people.

Best of all, there are a number of classic winter activities to make up for those summer activities that are so hard to do when there’s snow on the ground!  Snowshoeing, sledding, skiing (downhill or cross-country), ice skating, hockey, curling, or building a good old fashioned snow fort or snowman….there’s fun for all ages outdoors when the sun is shining and the snow is sparkling.

But if the weather outside is frightful, as the song goes, there are some activities you can do in the comfort of your own living room.  If you’re watching TV anyways, consider riding a stationary bike or doing curls with some hand weights.  You’ll burn more calories than sitting on the couch and you’ll still get to enjoy your favourite shows.

Winter has a reputation as a time of inactivity, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are plenty of ways to keep busy until summer comes around and it’s warm enough for those shorts and tank tops again.

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