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Christmas is a time for nostalgia.  Many of us have happy memories of past Christmases with family and friends.  Many of us look forward to the new memories we hope to make in future.  But sometimes this can make the holiday season difficult.  The idea of “the perfect Christmas” adds additional stress to an already busy season.

“The Perfect Christmas”

Many of us feel pressure to provide a “perfect Christmas” for someone else:   a partner, children, family, party guests.  But most people want connection, companionship and happy memories of some good laughs most of all.

Instead of obsessing about gourmet food, flawless outfits, or picture-perfect décor, keep your focus on spending time with people you care about.  That might mean going to a restaurant instead of home-cooking a five course meal.  Or asking the kids to help decorate the house, even if the garland is crooked and the colours don’t match.  “Out sourcing” chores and “not sweating the small stuff” means you have more time to enjoy with your guests.

Don’t feel obligated to spend more money than you can afford to “keep up” with others.  Their budgets may differ from yours.  Communication is the key to avoid hurt feelings.  Set an affordable price cap on gift spending.  Or suggest a gift exchange, where everyone buys for only one person instead of the whole group.  Or skip the physical gifts in favour of a restaurant meal together, or a donation to a shared cause.  Don’t put yourself in debt to please others.

Minimize your time spent in the company of people whose behaviour increases your stress levels.  You are not obligated to accept inappropriate treatment simply because it is Christmastime.  Similarly, if you are feeling down because you have unhappy memories from past Christmases, remember that you have the freedom to do something different this year.  Find a way to celebrate that is meaningful for you.  Surround yourself with people who support you.

Self-care is not selfish

Make sure your own needs are met.  It’s okay to feel sad if there’s someone special who is no longer here at the holidays, or if you and your loved ones have to be apart this year.  You are allowed to pass on events that you don’t feel that you can easily afford.  It’s all right to decline an invitation in order to have a day of rest, to do something that’s fun and meaningful to you, or to spend some special time with your immediate family.

Prioritize events and save your energy, money and time for those that are the most important.  Value time and money spent on your own needs.

Your health is worth caring for.  Regular chiropractic care will help your body to work at its best.  Don’t wait until you’re in pain.  Come and see us for a “tune up.”  Maintenance care can address problems while they’re still small, before they become big and painful.  If we haven’t seen you lately, call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to schedule your appointment.

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