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Some people find it easy to stay physically fit.  Some of them have jobs that require a lot of physical activity, so they get their workout at work every day.  Others are enthusiastic members of sports teams, leagues, or gyms.

This article is for the rest of us!

Many people would like to get more active.  They know their health would benefit.  But they have bad memories of sports in school.  Or maybe they’re so sore and achy that the last thing they want to do is move.

The key to fitness is to find an activity that is fun for you.

When being active is fun, you will want to do it more often.

Physical activity is not one size fits all!

Some people enjoy competitive activities.  They feel they will slack off without having others around them, challenging them to do their best.

Other people don’t like the idea of comparing their performance to others’.  These people are more likely to enjoy activities where the only competition is themselves.

Neither one is wrong.  They are different approaches to suit different people’s individual needs.

They might even be doing the same activity – say, running – but the first group will sign up for a race as motivation to train, while the second group will be happier jogging around their neighbourhoods.

Some people prefer having exercise time as a time all to themselves, where they can forget about stress and clear their minds.  Other people like having company when they work out.  These people will benefit from a gym buddy, jogging club or walk with their family.  The “right” one is the one that makes you look forward to getting active!

Don’t be afraid to try new things.  Signing up for a karate class isn’t a lifelong commitment to getting your black belt.  It’s an exploration.  You might decide that karate isn’t for you, in which case you’ve gotten some exercise and learned something.  Then you can try a different activity.  Or, you might decide you’d like to go for that black belt after all!  But you won’t know until you try.

Pain makes activity more challenging

If it’s pain holding you back, chiropractic care can help.  Your chiropractor is a musculo-skeletal expert.  We can ensure your body is in alignment and working at its best.

We can also recommend activities tailored to your abilities and skill level.

For example, if you suffer from joint pain, swimming is an excellent activity to try.  Swimming can be gentle, but it can also be a rigorous cardiovascular workout, depending on the kind of strokes you do.  In both cases, swimming doesn’t subject your joints to impacts the way jogging does.

Start slow and build gradually.  As you become more fit, your workouts may involve longer times, longer distances, or faster movement to keep yourself challenged.  Your chiropractor can advise you.

Call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to schedule your appointment and let’s get active!

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