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Plenty of people are excellent candidates to receive help via Laser Therapy.  But unfortunately, many of them don’t know when it’s appropriate to use this treatment modality.  We’ve put together two simple lists to help people know when it’s time for Laser Therapy.

For chronic conditions

Are you tired of daily struggles with pain as a result of a chronic condition?

Do you have osteoarthritis, bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs or rheumatoid arthritis?

Have you got sore feet?

Do you have back pain that traditional methods can’t seem to treat?

If you have one of these chronic conditions and the discomfort is interfering with your ability to live your best life, it’s time for Laser Therapy.

Firstly, laser therapy reduces inflammation.  Therefore it also minimizes pain.  Secondly, laser therapy gives your body a “boost” to get ahead of the chronic condition.  So, it’s easier to cope with the symptoms.

For acute injuries

Do you have a sprain, strain, or contusion?

Have you suffered a sports injury?  Remember that playing sports is not the only way to get these kinds of injuries.  You can also get them from household chores, at the workplace, or by leading an active lifestyle.

Have you got tendonitis?

Laser therapy stimulates the cells to heal more quickly.  So, it will relieve pain and inflammation while speeding up your recovery.

Help!  I see myself on one (or both!) of those lists!

If our article is telling you that it’s time for Laser Therapy, please contact Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.

We are accepting new patients.

Does it hurt?

Laser therapy is safe, natural, and effective.

Laser diodes are placed next to the skin.  So, you may feel a warming sensation.  The laser does not cut or pierce anything, so there is none of the pain and none of the risks associated with breaking the skin.

In conclusion, it’s time to experience the benefits of Laser Therapy today.

Call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 and let our friendly staff know that you would like to schedule a laser appointment.

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