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We all have competing priorities in life.  Balancing them can be a juggling act.  Work, family, health, friends, hobbies, responsibilities, education…  Sometimes it feels like there’s just “too much.”

The fact is that we have only so much time in a day, and only so much we can accomplish in that time.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  How do we address this mountain of tasks?

The first step is to set realistic goals and priorities.

These are rarely the same from person to person.  Some people can read a book in a single afternoon, while others would take a week, or longer, to read that same book.  Make an honest assessment of your own skills and abilities.

Tackle what needs to be done first.

Cleaning the garage can wait if there are no groceries in the house.  Both might need to wait if you’re currently running late on a project for your job.

Identify a list of tasks.  Then, sort them into things that need to be done right away, things that should be done soon, and things that can wait.  Focus on what’s important and time-sensitive.

Reserve time for your own needs.

Nobody would be happy with a life where all they did was work and sleep.  Relaxation is not a luxury!  The body needs time to rest and rejuvenate.  Spending time with family and friends, enjoying hobbies and savouring small pleasures makes life feel worthwhile.

Some hobbies are high-intensity, either physically (like marathon running) or mentally (like art or fiction writing).  Hobbies can give you a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction and self-confidence.  Remember, if your hobbies are high-intensity, you should also make sure you find some enjoyable activities or interests that will let you rest and relax.  Read a book, enjoy a movie, learn to knit, or practice meditation.

When you can’t do it all

Learn to say “no.”  When you’re focused on your priorities, it will be easier to turn down things that aren’t either practical or enjoyable.  Many people regret not spending more time with their children and loved ones.  Not taking better care of their health is another common regret.

Focus your energy on the things you value most.

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