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Did you know that most Canadians don’t use all the vacation days that they are entitled to?

Vacation time is not just “time to goof off.”  In order to function at our best, human beings need to take time to rest, both physically and mentally.  Relaxation is a crucial part of health.  It is often unappreciated in a fast paced, modern society.

Next week, we’ll be sharing our tips for holiday travel.  But you don’t necessarily have to go to a far-off destination to make the most of vacation time.

Enjoy vacation time here at home

Many of us need to plan in advance before taking time off.  We need to rearrange our schedules, get our time off approved, and make arrangements for while we are gone.  Some people don’t do this if they don’t have something specific in mind–and if they don’t have plans, they don’t take the vacation they’re entitled to.

Your plans do not have to involve a plane ticket.

The “staycation” – enjoying local attractions and sleeping in your own bed each night — eliminates the stress of airline, train, or bus travel.  It is also a more cost-effective option for people on a budget. Many of us have lists of restaurants we’d like to try, places we’d like to visit, shops we’d like to investigate, and things we’d like to do, that we never seem to get around to.  A staycation provides us with those opportunities.

Take your time off, even if you don’t plan on “travelling anywhere.”  Commit to exploring the local area instead.  Money that you spend locally stays in our community and benefits your neighbours and friends.

Enjoy that book you’ve been wanting to read, that movie you’ve been meaning to watch, or that hobby time you wished you had.

Reconnect with family and friends.

It is not a “waste of time” to let your body get the sleep it needs.  Sleep deprivation is all too common in the modern world.  Your body rejuvenates and repairs itself during sleep.  We need quality sleep to maintain our health.

Be careful not to cram your staycation with too many planned activities or errands.  Your vacation will not feel restful if you spend it racing from one obligation to another.

One activity that is worth your trip is regular chiropractic maintenance care.  If we haven’t seen you in some time, plan a maintenance appointment near the beginning of your staycation.  Then you will be at your best to enjoy the rest of your days off.

Contact Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 to make your appointment.

Enjoy your vacation–you deserve it!

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