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If you’re not familiar with Laser Therapy, it’s easy to conjure up scary images from sci-fi movies.  Unfamiliarity can scare away people who could experience healing and relief from this effective and safe form of treatment.  What’s laser therapy like?  It’s time to find out the truth.

What is laser therapy like?

By placing laser diode lights next to the skin, the laser’s light can travel through the first layer of skin and stimulate the cells to heal more quickly.

You may feel warmth from the laser light.  There is no reason to expect pain from Laser Therapy.

Patients typically sit in comfortable chairs to receive laser therapy.  The laser diodes are placed on the part of the body being treated.  For example, if you are receiving laser therapy for carpal tunnel, the diodes will go on your wrist.  If you hurt your knee playing sports, the diodes will go on your knee.

Laser therapy is safe

Firstly, the laser does not cut or pierce the skin.  Therefore, it does not have the risks associated with invasive methods like surgery.  No surgery is involved with Laser therapy.

Secondly, laser therapy is a drug-free method to treat pain and inflammation.  So, it does not have the same risk of side effects as over-the-counter painkillers do.

Laser therapy is effective

Laser therapy is effective for both acute and chronic conditions.  If you have an acute injury, like a sprain, strain or sports injury, laser therapy will stimulate the cells to heal more quickly.

What if you have a chronic condition, such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, or carpal tunnel syndrome?  Laser therapy helps your body to “catch up” with the chronic condition, relieving discomfort and increasing wellness.

How do I get laser therapy?

Call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172.  We are accepting new patients!

What if I’m still not sure?

Laser therapy is one modality of chiropractic care.  So, we will be there to provide advice and guidance to ensure that laser therapy is a good fit for you.

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