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There are all kinds of mattresses on the market today, including foam, coil spring, waterbed, futon, etc.  We often have patients asking what sort of mattress they should buy.

It is important that a mattress is both comfortable and supportive for your back.  If it isn’t comfortable, you won’t be able to get to sleep on it.  If it’s not supportive, you’ll wake up with aches and pains.  A mattress should be flexible enough to adapt to your body’s shape while still providing firm support.

It would be convenient if a single type of mattress worked for everyone.  Unfortunately, since different people have different needs, we can’t recommend a specific brand or style.

How to choose the best mattress for you

What we do recommend is that you test out a mattress in the store.  Begin by lying down on it.  Then bounce and roll around.  Next, stretch.  As well, make sure to lie still for a few minutes.  Just sitting on it won’t tell you how it would feel to sleep on it.

If you share a bed, choose a mattress big enough to accommodate both of you.  A narrow mattress means awkward sleeping positions that lead to sore backs, or interrupted sleep from the other person crowding you.  Do yourself a favour and give yourselves plenty of room.  Fortunately, the trend these days is towards selective support, which means that you can put weight on one area without affecting the rest of the mattress.  That means that if your partner tosses and turns, you’re less likely to notice the mattress shifting beneath you.

Read the manual that comes with your mattress.  Many mattresses recommend that you rotate them every three months and flip them every six months to maximize support and even out wear.  Follow the care instructions for your particular mattress.

When you sleep, lie on your back or side rather than on your stomach. Back and side positions allow your head, neck and spine to relax into their natural alignment.  This reduces interference with the nerves and helps your body rejuvenate itself.

Finally, remember that no mattress will replace regular chiropractic maintenance.  Therefore, call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre today at (506) 635-8182 or (506) 847-7172 if you don’t have your next appointment scheduled.  Regular chiropractic maintenance will keep aches and pains at bay.  It will also support you in achieving and maintaining wellness.

In conclusion, take your time choosing a quality mattress that will meet your needs.

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