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Why should you make a chiropractic appointment when you feel good?

Many people see a chiropractor for the first time because they’re experiencing some kind of pain:  back pain, a sports injury, foot pain, and so on.

Did you know that we often see people who aren’t in pain?

If you’re not in pain, why should you come to the chiropractor?

Just because you’re not in pain doesn’t mean you’re healed

The majority of patients pass through three stages:  relief, healing, and wellness.

Your body needs time to heal.  It will benefit from support throughout the healing process.

People who over-stress their bodies before they’re fully healed usually end up in pain again.

That’s why it’s so important to follow your chiropractor’s recommendations.  We want you to feel your best.

Wellness is more than the absence of pain–it’s when you feel good

Chiropractic is an important part of a lifestyle that focuses on wellness.  Wellness means being at your physical, mental, and emotional best.  It means valuing your health.  It means not settling for just feeling “okay” when you can feel “good.”

Just like most people see their mechanic regularly to maintain their cars, and see their dentist regularly to maintain their teeth, people who value wellness see their chiropractor regularly to maintain the health of their musculo-skeletal and nervous systems.

Chiropractic care compliments the rest of your wellness routine and helps you to feel good.

If you’re exercising regularly, chiropractic treatment enables you to do so without added pain and stiffness.  It can improve your athletic performance.  It can also help you to recover from sprains, strains and sports injuries.

If you’re eating well, chiropractic treatment may aid your digestion.

Are you feeling stressed?  Chiropractic care can help to alleviate stress.

You deserve to feel good.

Don’t neglect your health until a crisis occurs and you find yourself in pain.  Make choices that will help you to be your best every day.

If we haven’t seen you lately, it’s time to call Sheppard Chiropractic Centre, at 847-7172 or 635-8182.

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